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About Aadya Events

Customs and Traditions have always played an important role  from birth till death in the lives of people belonging to different parts of world. These customs to a great extent reflect the lifestyle of the people of society. The importance of these customs and traditions are degenerating or declining. Today, there are very few people who practice and propagate the sacred values of culture.   It is also true to some extent that a modern Hindu is unaware of the significance of many rituals that he carries out in his day to day life. The customs have got diluted over the years and modernized. The events are just being held superficially and more emphasis is on the grandeur and social aspect rather than the tradition.

We at Aadya want to bring the traditional value back into your events and other aspects of celebrating various milestones in your life. Whether it is the ceremonies which are held before and after the wedding, celebrating birth of new baby, stepping into a new home we assist you in creating a memorable and stress-free experience. We manage and execute your dreams and aspirations into reality bringing the real traditional significance value along. Here at Aadya, we take the responsibility of respecting these traditions and customs, bringing the true value and importance of each ritual.


Aadya can cater to the individual culture and tradition based on different regions. Any event as good as it is planned. We specialize in planning the event professionally without losing its significance and execute each detail with utmost care. Satisfaction is guaranteed. It is our duty to give you and your family utmost care in every possible way and we vow to never make you regret your decisions. You will understand the benefits of hiring us with the savings you make in terms of time, money and effort. Each client can pour their heart out and each of their demand is taken into consideration. Imagination and uniqueness is the soul prospective for us. We promise you to see your dream ceremony before you at an affordable cost.