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Photos & Videos

The wedding photography is what is left when everything else has been packed up and put away. It’s the pictures that will be looked at by generations to come. Photographs are the most tangible item you walk away with. Any celebration consists of multiple events that spread over multiple days. Each event includes traditions have been passed on for generations and are a very important part of an Indian Wedding. Therefore, it is imperative to hire the best photographer for your tastes.

We at Aadya will help you get the best photographer and videographer to capture the live and natural moments of the presence of all your loved ones and important moments of each ceremony and in a natural way as much as possible not being crazy about posing. As a result, it becomes an event to be cherished and to make fond memories for the rest of the life.

Event Venues

Typical traditional wedding lasts for several days and a variety of ceremonies. As
your event organizer’s we must be adept to what goes on during each ceremony
so that all important rituals are done properly and in the correct succession. We
help you chose the right venue for the right occasion.

Catering Services

Conventionally all events have some sort traditional significance in the kind of food being served. “Atithi Devo Bhava” (where a guest is likened to the Lord) also sprouts the fact that all guests who have been invited and who have taken the trouble to remain present for the marriage should be offered lip-smacking food.

Here at Aadya we try to meet needs of every community, menu based on the mood of the guests and occasion in and if needed serving streams of invitees on an elaborate sit-down fashion which is almost extinct.

Beauty & Health

Getting your outfits, booking hair and make-up stylists, salon and spa appointments, nail care, etiquette training is all what you need to be your gorgeous best. We will either guide or offer full services as per your taste and to suit the décor of the evening.

It’s quite common for the bride and grooms family to face typical emotional stress before and after the event. We could arrange for some exclusive meditation and yoga classes to ease the stress and be there to prepare the participants for the event.


Entertainment has the power to make you euphoric.  And this euphoria should define the wonderful’ after-taste you take away from every wedding. Entertainment is a significant part of any event. Your entertainment should set a mood and reflect the style of your celebration. Whether it’s a wedding entertainment, party entertainment, or big corporate event entertainment, we can take it in our stride. We want to provide music and entertainment according to the tastes of the family and guests.

We can arrange everything for you and give your family and guests, an event they will never forget. 


During any event in the family, relatives and friends from distant places come to attend. In keeping with the tenet of ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ meaning ‘Guest is like God’, your hospitality should make your guests remember you warmly and thank you not only for an enjoyable time at the wedding, but also for a comfortable and pleasant stay.

We will handle the entire hospitality from providing a proper accommodation, informing them of the daily ceremonies and functions, seating arrangements, welcoming them personally so that your guests have a good time and are completely at ease during the entire wedding celebrations.

We at Aadya will make sure we personally attend to each guest including senior citizens and children and make sure their needs are met.

Travel & Logistics

Organizing event travel for your friends and relatives doesn’t need to be a logistical nightmare. Relax and leave that all to us! We understand what is involved and will do the work to simplify things. We understand that guests come from far and wide and would need a relaxing stay. We can secure your rooms and provide your family and friends with the necessary information so they can easily book their travels to your chosen destination. Our team strive to make the transition from airport to hotel a pleasant and tension free affair.

On your big day, you want to travel in style! Arrive in style at your wedding in a classic vintage car, or a sleek limousine, or even an awesome sports car!  We will handle all the logistics of the travel right from ground transportation, airport/train station welcome, rooming list, picking up your guests from and to your event areas, hotel stay and departures ensuring maximum comfort & convenience for you and your guests.


One of the most significant and important part of the event is your invitations. Communication is an important aspect for its success. More often than not it is ignored by most people, leaving this important element of the wedding to chance. Aadya works with you to come up with stylish and innovative way to reach out to your friends and family.

Innovatively designed personalized cards are a style statement in themselves. An invite speaks loudly of your taste and hence we help you design a card that reflects your personality. Wedding information & communication involves elements like Invitations, Stationary, Thank You Cards, Save The Date Cards and Websites. A Website is a digital diary of your wedding details, it is also the easiest way to organize your wedding digitally and keep your guests informed. We at Aadya will take care of every detail.

Running the Show Flawlessly

No matter how well an event is planned, it all boils down to that crucial time when everything comes together simultaneously or to deliver the ‘Wowexperience on the big day. Our team will make sure there are minimal interruptions and hiccups during the event. Venue and decor readiness, managing and directing the guests, keeping ceremonies and rituals on time, transitioning between events, seating arrangements, emceeing, explaining the importance of rituals to guests, food arrangements etc..will be taken care.

We want you as the host, and family to completely enjoy the event and have fun, while all is delegated to us. The key here is to create a timeline or order of events and entrust us to advance through the various events smoothly.

An Emotional Connection

It is a science and not anyone can create it. It is how you make people, together with the bride and groom get interconnected with wedding decor and ambiance. If missed, the wedding would only be reduced to only a beautiful setup.

The most important component at a wedding is the Emotional Connection, building momentum, creating an endlessly enchanting experience, where the invitees blend with the surroundings, decor and families.  This creates this magical experience, second to none. We at Aadya want to be able to create the connection between the families and also to the beautiful sequence of rituals and traditions.

Designing and Decoration

The primary element that gives an wedding the ‘WOW’ factor is the décor. The decorative tapestry you weave for your wedding – from your Mandap to the table centerpieces at your reception to the lighting, drape work, the sweetheart table, and of course the flowers – reflects the rich customs and traditions that make them so exceptional.

whether you are looking for simple Indian wedding decorations that you can DIY or professional decorations that will have your guests talking for months to come, our directory of amazing floral and decor vendors below is sure to help bring the backdrop for your dream wedding to life. Whatever the circumstances, Aadya Events is here to make the décor coordination extra special.

Priest Services


Your wedding is a special once-in-a-lifetime event and Aadya events will provide our best priest/ pandith for this most memorable day according to the custom and tradition that need to be performed at the event and many rituals that are pre and post the main
event. We will also arrange for all the materials required for wedding ceremony except the ones that have an emotional attachment to the family.